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  • Where can I watch Discovery Kids?

    You can watch Discovery Kids on Foxtel channel 718. Find out more about Foxtel’s pricing and packaging here.

  • How can I find out what’s on Discovery Kids?

    Visit our Shows section to find what programs you can see on Discovery Kids. For the latest TV schedule, check out Foxtel’s online TV guide here.

  • Is Discovery Kids Australia closed captioned?

    As a result of research* which reveals that viewing video content with captioning can help strengthen literacy skills and vocabulary development in young readers, Discovery Kids will be 100% closed captioned. This highlights Discovery Kids’ strong commitment to further enhancing the educational programming offering.

    *Captioning studies (e.g., Bowe & Kaufman, 2001; Evmenova, 2008; Linebarger, 2001; Rickelman, Henk, & Layton, 1991)

  • What sort of programs will be shown on Discovery Kids?

    Discovery Kids is aimed at primary school children aged 6-12. The programming pillars of Discovery Kids are inspired by key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum.


    Discovery Kids offers parents and children a safe environment to watch programming that has been specifically selected to educate and entertain its young viewers. All programming has been curated with the Australian School Curriculum in mind with a gender-neutral schedule focusing solely on edu-tainment. It is delivered in a fun and family-friendly way that will both delight and educate.


    Every program on Discovery Kids has been selected to fall under one of our five key pillars which are directly aligned to Key Learning Areas of the Primary School Curricula (K-6). These are Science & Technology, Personal Development, Health and PE, Living Things, Creative Arts and Human Society and It’s Environment.

  • My channel has stopped working properly?

    If you are experiencing technical problems please contact Foxtel directly, as it is most likely a technology issue that they are best placed to answer.

  • I've missed an episode. How can I catch-up?

    Check out Foxtel’s online TV Guide to find out if the episode you missed will be repeated. Shows are repeated at various times following the premiere screening.

  • I am a journalist and want information. Who do I contact?

    For media enquiries please contact Rachel_Antella@discovery.com.

  • Who owns Discovery Kids Australia?

    Discovery Kids Australia is part of Discovery Networks International. To find out about Discovery Networks, its management team and portfolio of channels please visit the corporate website here.

  • I've got an idea for a program, who do I contact?

    Please submit your details via our Contact Us page and a member of the Discovery Networks team will respond with further details.

  • How do I comment on one of your shows?

    Discovery Kids welcomes feedback from our viewers. If you wish to comment on our channel please use the Contact Us page and follow the prompts so we can direct your comment to the appropriate department.

  • How can I advertise on Discovery Kids?

    To learn more about commercial opportunities and how your brand can work with us please contact MCN


  • “Discovery Kids channel demonstrates a fantastic commitment to educating its young viewers. The content of the programs links directly to the Australian Curriculum and with closed captions available across 100% of programs, there are abundant opportunities to cultivate literacy and vocabulary skills. The educational experience for primary aged children is truly fantastic.”

    Marilyn Rudas - Retired Primary School teacher with over 30 years’ experience

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